Public Relations Services by Industry

While Elevator PR takes on projects in a wide range of different industries and is always up for a challenge, there are specific areas where we have made an impact in the past. From energy to software to start-ups, we can elevate your business to the next level by leveraging our knowledge and key media contacts in these areas to help you manage your reputation, insert your company and its thought leaders into the media conversation, and put together an in-depth branding message for communicating with your markets.

If your company sells products and services in any of these industries, we are well-qualified to have a maximum impact with our unique public relation strategies.


Where Our PR Services Make an Impact

  • Technology Industry

     In these fast-paced digital times, a public relations plan is essential for getting out word on the latest innovations in your market and your newest tech products. Early adopters are the key to long-term success.

    Learn more about technology and high-tech public relations strategies.

    PR for Technology Companies

  • Energy Industry

    Whether your company focuses on driving energy innovation to reduce the world’s reliance on oil and other fossil fuels or on making traditional energy methods more clean and efficient, Elevator PR’s news-based promotion methods can help. Take your story to the public to teach people what your company is doing to face the biggest challenges of our era and keep human civilization thriving.

    Find out how our PR strategies can be used to promote your energy firm.

    PR for Energy & Clean Tech Companies



    A new start-up has a massive marketing mountain to climb in order to get the ball rolling on their new company and create momentum that can keep them rolling into the future. In these cases, good press coverage isn’t just important – it’s imperative.

    Use the link below to discover more about how our PR services can accomplish your goals.

    PR for Start-ups & Small Businesses

  • Consumer Products Industry

    The demand for consumer products is constantly changing, keeping companies on their toes as they strive for new ways to provide customers with what they want and need on a regular basis. Tell your customers what’s new.

    Click below to learn more about consumer products public relations strategies, and how our PR services can help elevate your consumer products company.

    PR for Consumer Products

  • Software Industry

    Software products are not always easy for the consumers who use them to wrap their heads around; sometimes it can even feel like you’re speaking a completely different language than your client base. Whether working with B2B or B2C software – or grabbing on to the growing popularity of SaaS – we can explain what makes your innovation relevant.

    Learn more about software public relations strategies here.

    PR for Software Companies


    Green & Environmental Industry

    One of the hottest conversations of our age is the one about the challenges associated with our environment. By initiating stories about the environmental work you do – or even just talking about responsible environmental stewardship in other industries – you can build a direct line between the media and your company.

    Get proactive about putting your story out there.

    You can learn more about our green and environmental public relation strategies at the link below.

    PR for Green & Environmental Companies

Are You Selling In an Industry You Don’t See Here?

That doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We have experience in other industries as well – these are just the ones where we’ve built up a considerable work history for best results.

The real way to find out if we can help is just to pick up the phone so we can discuss exactly what you do. We don’t want to work with a company we cannot help, so we’ll be clear with you if there’s some reason our services aren’t the best fit.

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