Product Launches & Event Dedications

When you have an upcoming event or product launch on the horizon, it’s essential to do your homework and plan ahead. As you know, the world won’t just beat a path to your door because your product is interesting or even because you’re holding the coolest event of the year.

But since running your business takes time, Elevator PR has gone ahead and done the homework for you, and we’re standing by to employ our resources to help make the most of your next marketing move.


Product Launches and Event Dedications

When you want the world to listen, it isn’t enough to have a loud voice and something interesting to say. What you need is resources, knowledge, and the right connections. That’s where we come in.

Elevator PR has prepared a highly-powerful network of media voices and connectors that we can leverage to tell the world about your latest project. Thanks to our 14 years in the media industry, we are uniquely-positioned to get instant press coverage on platforms where your words will actually be heard.

We can generate press coverage results in the major, national and regional media, putting you on the map and creating the kind of buzz that counts.

Also, the media should be showing up at your booth when you attend a trade show – we do that all the time.


Designing Stories That Get Attention

While a great story alone is not enough to get heard, you still do need the best possible “News” story. And creating stories is something we excel at.

Our highly-experienced team of marketing-minded journalists can put their creative minds together to come up with an angle that makes the most of our media connections so that you’re more than just a blip on the mainstream radar.

We have been doing this for a long time and have placed thousands of stories – and you don’t do that without learning a thing or two about what generates media attention.


Keep the Conversation Going

What’s the bigger story about your business? Chances are that your upcoming product launch or event is just one page in the book.

If these newsworthy items are recurring, they can be combined with other stories over time to serve a valuable role in your marketing strategy, helping to create a “story stream” about your company that keeps you on the public radar.

The more people talk about you, the more your end prospects hear your name and learn about what you offer. And the more growth you see in the bottom line.


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