PR for Energy, Solar & Clean Tech Companies

Energy represents one of the biggest challenges facing humankind in the modern era. Even as current energy resources become more scarce, the global population is booming and developing countries are in a race to match the level of activity seen in our first world economies.

The controversy about energy consumption is louder than ever, but without energy, our modern lifestyles would not exist. Businesses like yours are under a lot of pressure, and opportunities abound – are you doing enough to state your case?


An Energy PR Strategy Based on Results

When defining where your company fits in the discussion, you need a winning PR strategy that helps you explain your position as clearly as possible, and on all the mediums that count most.

Elevator Communications has extensive experience in PR for energy tech companies, offering media coverage, branding, product launching, and reputation/crisis management services to enter your firm into the conversation. Whether you work with petroleum, hydroelectric power, wind power, or solar power generation, we can provide the media coverage you need to get heard.


How?  Stories.

Our team of seasoned journalists can find your hardest-hitting angles and then tap into our worldwide network of reporters located in every corner of the media to put the word about your company and the energy technologies you use in front of the mainstream audience.

This is extremely powerful because it lends the story of your company an authority voice, and the end result is increased credibility and interest in your company.

We can also set up interviews on key media platforms, create futuristic visual displays to showcase clean technologies, and harness 21st Century communication tools to send your message zipping across the media grid.


Our public relations experts place client stories in major energy and business media, including:


  • Bloomberg

    Business Week

    Clean Technica

    Energy Central

    Energy Storage Journal


    Green Tech Media

  • New York Times

    Renewable Energy World

    Smart Grid News

    Solar Today


    USA Today

    Wall Street Journal



Let’s Talk About the Future

The energy industry is getting more competitive every year, and if your firm wants to stand out, it’s imperative you implement proven clean technology public relations strategies to ensure the world understands the work you do. By entering the conversation voluntarily, you can dictate the direction it will go and put your best foot forward in as deliberate a manner as possible.

Use our experience in PR for energy to get the world buzzing about your business.

After all, they’re depending on you…  Isn’t it time they knew that?


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