PR for Software Companies

If there’s an industry where it’s difficult to close the gap between providers and product users, it’s the software industry. Make no mistake, the consumers and businesses that need software products know the challenges they need solved, but they don’t normally understand the technology behind the solutions. This creates a “language barrier.”

Successful PR for software companies breaks down these barriers, and Elevator PR has an established track record of doing just that, helping organizations find common ground with end users, creating new marketing opportunities and orchestrating software launches.


Reap the Rewards of An Outside Perspective

In the software industry, it’s not uncommon for tech-minded companies to talk over the heads of their prospects. Because when you live and breathe your technology on a daily basis, it’s easy to lose sight of what your product looks like from an outside perspective.

Our writers ease the communication between software companies and end users. Since we aren’t as involved with your product as you are, we can step in and act as an intermediary.

Also, we have extensive journalism experience, having placed thousands of stories with media outlets within and outside our network. So we know how to think out new angles where they might be missed by a more in-depth perspective.


Software Product Launches

One of our most valuable services is letting the world know about your new product launches. This is especially relevant in the software industry, as customers are so often in the dark about the solutions available.

Fortunately, a new technology in itself is news; by making the case for why people should care, we can create a buzz-worthy media story to publicize your new creation and spark launch success.


Embracing the Rise of SaaS (Software as a Service)

Cloud-based technologies are creating amazing new possibilities, allowing us to share and process information in crazy amazing new ways.

And…”cloud computing” is a huge buzzword right now.

But far too many of the current stories leave readers still wondering just what cloud technology is and how these technologies improve the way we live and do business.

By bringing SaaS stories back to Earth and grounding them in facts and actual explanations – even positioning your own products as prime examples – we can make your stories stand above the rest and take advantage of this major trend.


How Exactly Do We Employ PR for Software Companies?

Like most well-established PR firms, we have many media marketing tools at our disposal that we can draw on to help better manage your brand. But our competitive advantage really lies in our vast media network.

We’ve built a huge list of media contacts at all levels of the game – reporters and media platform authorities that trust us and the stories we bring to the table. We’ve used this network for years to put companies on the map.

We also employ a team of seasoned former-journalists who know what our network looks for. So whether you want to see your name in trade publications, mainstream news, or authoritative online sources, we can deliver.

And it needn’t be a one-hit wonder either. We can do this again and again, creating a constant “story stream” that serves as a long-term marketing funnel for your business.


Are You Ready to See Results?

Businesses come to us all the time and say the same thing – PR companies are taking their money, but they’re not seeing the outcomes promised. We price based on tangible performance.

Let us become your partner for putting yourself into the news, creating a highly-effective media conversation tool for your business.


Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about the PR strategies that get software companies noticed.

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