PR for Startups & Small Businesses

What an exciting process it is to take an idea and breathe life into it, securing funding and then building a giant out of scratch.

But one of the biggest failure points for a startup company happens when the product or service never catches on with the target market. This is why startups stand to gain most from proper public relations efforts.

You’ve got your work cut out for you, but Elevator PR can help you pull together a strategy for putting your name out into the world. And everything we do is based on real-world experiences and a history of results.


Startup & Small Business Public Relations

Startups share two unique advantages.

One, it’s easier to see when PR has an impact for a startup. Since you haven’t done any marketing yet, when something works, it makes an immediate difference.

Also, the very nature of startups is news. While bigger, more established businesses rack their brains to think up newsworthy stories, startups are one change to another for the first couple years of existence.

This makes it a far simpler matter to create a buzz.

But…just because you’re the new kid on the block doesn’t mean you’re the only startup capturing attention. Our seasoned media writers are “angle artists” that wring the types of stories news organizations love out of thin air.

From there, we offer our vast media network.

We’ve established relationships with reporters and other authority media professionals at every stage of the game, and we can use those connections to make your company news everybody’s news.


Branding & Competitive Advantage

What sets your new company apart? Why are you relevant to the marketplace? What is your unique edge?  What, exactly, makes you “News-Worthy?”

A business without a clear distinction faces a steep uphill climb.

One of Elevator PR’s most important roles is helping startup companies develop a branding strategy with our brand messaging service. Our consultants can identify areas in the marketplace for positioning your product.


One Product Launch to the Next

A new company means new products and services. Even after you’re established, you’ll no doubt be experimenting with new offers as you carve out your place in the marketplace.

Elevator PR excels at product launches and we’ve made this a key function of our company. Media attention is a fantastic way to get heads swiveling towards your latest project and building up some momentum. We can make each and every product you create a “News Event” in its own right, not only ensuring that each particular launch is a success but seizing it as a marketing opportunity.


Think You Can Do This On Your Own?

Sure, anyone can write a cheap press release and sprinkle it across the web. Or waste days upon days on Facebook.

But don’t just think you can get mentioned in a few places online and expect a flood of traffic to carry your sales away. That’s not how PR for startups works.

What you need is connections and experience. Before all this internet stuff, there was old fashioned PR – press coverage and extensive media exposure.

These strategies still hold power today.

Online relationships are important, but we can organize interviews on top media platforms to help position you as a thought leader, turn just about any event into news that people want to hear about, and put together a long-term strategy that keeps in you in the headlines.

As your company evolves and changes, we’ll continue turning these changes into stories, making the media itself one huge marketing factory for your business.


It’s Time for You to Focus

Here’s the thing.

If your product, service, or customer service isn’t up to par, your entire business is doomed. That’s why it makes sense for you to focus on building your company and let us do the PR.

We’re not entrenched in your new baby around the clock like you are. We’re able to step back and take an objective look. This alone makes us priceless.

Let us help you create profitable, measurable results.


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