Brand Messaging & Strategy

Whether your brand just needs some extra juice or a complete re-haul, it’s time to get Elevator PR’s over 14 years of media marketing experience in your corner via our brand messaging & strategy consulting services. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t in those 14 years.


Defining What Makes You Different

A lot of companies assume it’s enough to just convince customers they’re a trustworthy company. But that completely misses the value of a concrete brand.

Offering a worthy solution isn’t enough. Nor is offering the best solution.

You need to offer the only solution.

And the way to do that is to define a unique selling position that instantly pleads your case without you having to say another word.

Without over-promising and without falling into the trap of competing on price.


But Proper Branding Doesn’t Stop There

Once we hone in on what your brand will say about you, we need to make sure the rest of the world knows too. And this involves a lot more than just communications.

The real key is consistency and creating “News Value”. To effectively reach your customers, your brand cannot sit on the back burner, waiting to be discovered – it must be reflected in every facet of your business.

Your in-house documents. Your product delivery. Your marketing materials. And every possible contact point with your customers and prospects.

And we have the experience to make this transition as seamless as possible.


Our Brand Messaging Service

To make the most of your branding efforts, Elevator PR can:

  • Analyze your current brand for weak points and inconsistencies.
  • Determine your unique selling position.
  • Search for unexploited opportunities for differentiation in your industry.
  • Create a plan for working your new branding strategy into your existing marketing materials.
  • Design a long-term messaging strategy for your brand.
  • Present high-powered media-based marketing solutions for getting the word out about the changes in your company.
  • Leverage authority platforms to “teach” the world about what you do.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your brand and start designing a strategy that secures your place in the mind of your market? Let’s put together a new message that re-energizes your business, increases your focus, and transforms your relationship with your target market.

This isn’t just about your brand.

It’s about the future of your company.

Get in touch to start the conversation now.