PR for Technology Companies

The term “high tech” is a constantly shifting target. Because today’s new technology is tomorrow’s old technology, and everything is relative. But PR for technology companies rarely changes because if you are currently in an industry considered tech, you’re working on the cutting edge, exploring new channels for human innovation and constantly pushing the envelope to see what else is possible.

In other words, you’re breaking new ground, and we’ve been helping companies do that for years.

Whether you’re involved in computer electronics or information technology, Elevator PR can be your partner in breaking down communication barriers, building your brand, and introducing your new tech solutions to a mainstream media that’s dying to tell the world about the next best thing.


Technology & High Tech Public Relations

Communication gaps often exist between tech companies and the customers they serve. We live in a society where the romantic view of the most complex gadgets often dominates – in other words, nobody knows how their iPad actually works, but that doesn’t mean they’re not highly invested in what their iPads do for them.

As a company who draws on tech solutions to make life more convenient for end users, you’ve constantly got to bridge the gap between what seems so complicated to everyone else but is everyday lingo to you.

We have the skills and experience you need to do just that.

As an outside observer – one that lives and breathes communication and media marketing – we can pull back from the world you’re immersed in and identify aspects of your company that will have the most effect on outside perspectives.

We unearth these angles and then flesh them into hard-hitting stories that act as curiosity-grabbing marketing hooks. And then we use our rock solid relationships with reporters all around the globe to place these articles for maximum media exposure.


An Ongoing PR Strategy for Tech Companies

The cool thing about the tech industry is it’s constantly on the move – there’s never a dull moment, a volatility that creates some interesting marketing opportunities.

Constant change means there’s always a new story to get on the news. We capitalize on this by building a “story stream,” a constant flow of news involving you, your industry, and the people whose lives you affect.

This allows us to keep your name relevant and constantly further your branding and marketing efforts.


Launches and Events

Apart from brand strategy and media exposure, we can also use our PR for tech services to make the most of your ups and pick you up when you’re down.

Have a big event or product launch? No problem. Let’s make it as big a hit as possible.

And when your company struggles, we’re right there with our crisis management services. Our media contacts put us in a prime position to respond as fast as possible, and we can maintain and monitor your reputation so you’re always prepared.

After all, things change fast in tech industries, and every day can introduce a new dynamic.


Do Your Customers Know Who You Are?

Let’s face it, new technologies that nobody knows about are meaningless. They just fade into history and disappear.

Other then your most tech-savvy early adopters, nobody cares about tech. What they care about are the solutions that technology provides. And in order for them to find out about those solutions, you need to be in the front row of the media conversation.

Are you ready to reach out and let the world know you exist? Elevator PR can land you interviews on top authority platforms, place marketing-minded stories, increase your brand recognition, and directly impact your bottom line.


The elevator is on the way up. Are you coming along for the ride?

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