Media Coverage & Outreach Services

Let’s face it: The modern audience is drowning in information.

It’s now easier and cheaper than ever before to reach out to consumers through 21st Century communication tools, leading many companies to see a new world where high-impact media coverage is more accessible than ever.

But that isn’t how it works.

Because your competitors have the same expanded arsenal of cheap web media outreach tools at their disposal that you do. The result is a chaos of information and a consumer base that’s gotten all too efficient at tuning out your message.


What is the Solution?  Time to turn it up a notch.

Today’s winners find that when it comes to stepping into the forefront of the world’s consciousness the most powerful answer is still mainstream media.

But how? The news world is built on relationships, and creating the valuable news that makes instant media coverage a practical marketing reality.

Well, what if you could tap into a network of reporters already placed all throughout Print, Broadcast, and Online Media across the planet? A network built on trust, experience, and mutual gain…

That’s where Elevator PR comes in with our highly-effective media coverage and outreach services.


How We Work PR Magic

Over the years, we’ve used our extensive contact list of media associates to place thousands of stories where they get maximum mainstream attention. A team of experienced former-journalists who can find the angle in anything, we put our creative minds together to develop high-impact stories that warrant press coverage.

The end result is a story that isn’t just a story but a high-impact marketing hook that puts your business on the map.

Elevating your efforts, elevating your brand, and elevating your company to the next level.

It’s Time to Reach Out to the World

You’ve built the business.  We’ve built the reputation.

Now let’s work together to build a legacy for your company.

Get in touch today.